Social Media Strategy, Measurement and Organic Lemon Sniffing?

by on June 16, 2011

Measure MobCastIt’s been way too long. The holidays, travel and general life have pushed us back two weeks. We did right by you though. This might have been the best Measure Mobcast yet. Enjoy!

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4:00 Is the French Government trying to control the internets?
8:00 Michele and Jason discuss the value of social media as an education tool. Inspired by Avanash Kaushik.
20:00 Puppies and Kittens? Huh?
21:00 Twitter as an opportunity engine.
26:00 Does social media scale? We believe it does.
30:00 Olivier mentions a great resource for Social Media ROI from Brian Solis
35:00 Create killer products and foster verticle engagement.
39:00 Is “Head in the Sand” a viable social media engagement strategy?
43:00 Olivier exposes crappy ROI calculators
44:00 Is there a standard value to a fan or follower?
53:00 Broadcasting, Engaging and reengaging.
58:00 Olivier wraps it up by sniffing organic lemons.

On the show today:
Keith Burtis
Olivier Blanchard
Jason Thompson
Michele Hinojosa

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About Keith
Keith is Director, Marketing & Communications for Carbonview Research. Carbonview is a full service market research company working with ad agencies, brand managers and interactive professionals. Keith's passions include marketing, measurement, social media and his family.


  1. Scott Meyer on June 16, 2011 at 1:49 pm

    Great pcast Keith. Enjoyed the insights!

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